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Resty talking to family in the Philippines from his Mid-West ham shack.

Click here to see a video showing Resty's Beautiful Home Country, the Philippines.

I arrived in Chicago, Illinois on April 04, 1969 from the Philippines. I came here to further my studies in Radiology at Cook County Hospital School of Medicine, Chicago, IL. After two years of schooling in Radiology I worked in Cook County Hospital for three years. Then I moved to Berrien Springs, MI. I worked at Pawating Hospital which is now called Lakeland Community Hospital. Here I did X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Cat Scan. I worked here for 18 years then moved to Port Charlotte, FL.

In Florida, I worked in St. Joseph Hospital which became Peace River Regional Medical Center and now it is called Bayfront Hospital of Port Charlotte as a Cat Scanner and MRI technician for a year and then changed jobs to work for 21st Century Oncology where I did CT Scan and a Sim Tech for 17 years. We treated all kinds of cancer patients in this company. I enjoyed working with this big company because I got to travel all over the states teaching people how to work on their machines.

Now I am retired and enjoying traveling with my wife. She travels a lot also and cover 10 states. Now I have the priveledge of being with her all the time. My Hobbies are Ham Radio, Photography and traveling.

Resty formally known as N8FFP while living in the Mid-West, has been actively involved in many aspects of Ham Radio for many years, talking with fellow Amateur Radio operators from around the world. He was particularly active in QSL contests, and still maintains a mobile ham radio setup where he can call home and speak in his native Tagalog language.

Florida Ham Shack

Resty's S.W. Florida Ham Shack (Before Charlie visited)

Here is Resty's Florida Ham Shack, W4FFP all dressed up to show his Christmas spirit.

Florida Ham Shack

Resty's S.W. Florida Ham Shack (After Charlie visited)

Thanks to Charlie, Resty decided to make his tower more hurricane resistant by aquiring a telescoping pole with a 24 ft. boom antenna on top, a PRO-57-B40, a 10 - 40 meter antenna with a 44 ft center element. This enables Resty to speak directly to Santa Claus and well as space aliens from distant star systems whenever he likes.

Florida Ham Shack

Resty with his Two Favorite Ladies.

Here is Resty waiting for the chauffeur to arrive.


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